Financial advisors are different people with various goals. However, most of them share their knowledge with the public.

In the following lines, we will show you the best financial advisors in the United States. You can reach them via their personal contact info, but they prefer to work in the shadows. 


Financial advisors are ready to give you some tips. Keep reading to find out more information. 

Discover Some of the Most Famous Finance Advisors Today

The Best Financial Advisors In the US

There are several excellent advisors for financial issues in the United States, and some of these individuals are absolutely powerful. Financial advisors are not showing off, though. They stand in the shadows, helping others with their knowledge and experience. 

Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham has focused on value investing, meaning that he used to buy penny stocks. He actually made some money out of penny stocks.


He was used to employing financial analysis and other methods to earn money and make regular people into successful financial advisors. The Intelligent Investor is Graham's best-selling book that teaches people how they can invest in stocks and market assets that will return high profits.

Warren Buffett

Popularly known as the "Oracle of Omaha", Buffet is the most well-known name in this list. He made a fortune out of oil, banking, and other financial-related operations.

Buffett was a disciple of Benjamin Graham, and that says a lot about why he has been the most successful investor in the US. Warren Buffett became an example for many people in the United States. Accordingly, Buffett has encouraged some of the financial advisors we know today.


Dave Ramsey

Ramsey is a radio and TV personality. He became popular for his show, "The Dave Ramsey Show", which was a show that helped people with financial issues. Dave Ramsey's shows invited people that could now be financial advisors themselves, as they have experienced bankruptcy and turned things around

Jim Cramer

As a TV host, Jim Cramer has raised a lot of money. He even hosted a show on CNBC, known as "Mad Money", but it had limited success

Jim started to follow courses that were available for individuals who wanted to become successful people. Cramer also owned a website that showed Wall Street-related news, tips, investing knowledge, financial advisors, and so on.

Charles Ponzi

We all know about MLM schemes. MLM is anything but a Ponzi scheme. 

Charles Ponzi was the first to implement a con that, supposedly, only brings profits for the people at the top of the pyramid. The so-called Ponzi scheme is the most believable one in the world. 

The whole idea centers on investing money so that you will earn more cash when the time comes. However, that’s fake — you will never get profit out of a Ponzi scheme. Only those people who started the “game” make money.

Bernard Madoff

Madoff was the most loyal disciple of Ponzi. However, he hasn’t followed the same path. Bernard Madoff decided to go his own way. 

He employed the act as a mask for the production of a hedge fund. Bernard Madoff added his new funds into a single bank.

Madoff was so popular and reliable that people invested money into him. In 2008, during the financial crisis, Madoff’s liquidities went down to zero. During the crisis, Bernard Madoff scored a profit of more than $65 billion.

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, one of the best financial advisors, sold more than 30 million copies of the book known as Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book tells the story of the author. 

Also, it comes with personal finance and real estate seminars. Kiyosaki’s theory was that every person in the world can come up with a passive stream of income so that work, on a daily basis, is not necessary.

Discover Some of the Most Famous Finance Advisors Today


Business is a hard nut to crack. If you don’t have the needed skills, then you will struggle to come up with revenue that will sustain you and your family. 

Financial advisors may help you earn the most profit out of your investments, so make sure you check them out and learn from their mistakes and success.