Forex, or foreign exchange trading. is the process of exchanging one currency for another. If you have dollars, you could exchange them for Euros, or Yen, or whichever currency you feel will make you a profit. Now, if you are wondering whether you can trade Forex with as little as $100, you can. Forex trading is one of the best and most reliable online trading methods. There are plenty of investors around the globe who are working keenly to ensure that this platform is as profitable as possible, and therefore, having your $100 investment is a great place to start.

As a newcomer, you are likely to face the complex task of trying to understand the system. A simple but effective training course will yield plenty of results and give you an idea of how the system works, which includes future patterns and the most reliable investing amounts.


Altogether, Forex trading is an excellent platform that will help to keep you on the winning path. Many investors are, however, afraid of investing too much into Forex because it is a low return investment. There is also the risk of losing most of your money from a single investment.

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Some Tips

Forex trading can potentially make you very rich if you are patient and you understand the leveraging process. This is quite essential. You must never ignore this process during trading because, if you do, it will likely end in disaster. For someone who is comfortable taking risks, trading with huge amounts of money once you understand the systems may lead to greater returns.

You must never allow your daily financial responsibilities to interfere with your Forex trading, and you must not invest too much money in the beginning. Take it step by step, and keep adding a little at a time once you are successful.


Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme and requires you to understand how to convert your $100 into $1,000 or more. It is risky and takes time. Leveraging is what you would call a double-edged sword.

Here are the steps you can take when investing $100.

Understand the Forex Language

Before you even learn how to trade in Forex, you must first understand the kind of language that is used in the Forex trade world. You are likely to run into the following terminologies.

  • Base Currency – This refers to the currency you are going to be holding. If you are in the US, you are probably going to be trading with the dollar.
  • Quote Currency – This is the currency you will be purchasing.
  • Bid Price – This is the price that your broker will be willing to “buy” or “bid” using the base currency that you hold.
  • Ask Price – This is the price that your broker will ask you for in exchange for the quoted buying price of your choice. The ask price will always be higher than the bidding price.
  • Spread – This is the difference between the “ask price” and the “bid price”. This is the commission for the broker.
  • Pip – This refers to the smallest measurable value of the currency in movement. The word pip is actually an acronym for “percentage in point”, and a single pip is equivalent to one one-hundredth of a percent of the currency.

Choose a broker.

Once you have a clue as to the terminologies used in the Forex world, you will need to choose a brokerage firm. The firm helps you to make trades, and most brokers usually offer traditional financial services.


Working with a reputable company is very important because it makes the difference between making a profit or a loss from the money you invest in the business. Do not be afraid to do thorough research and read numerous reviews from the wide variety of brokerage firms available. Choose a firm that has a good reputation for making their clients happy. Not all financial firms offer Forex trading, so make sure you have one that does these kinds of trades.

Analyze the economies of the world.

Making money from foreign currencies means that you have to spend time analyzing them and predicting their movement globally. In order to be profitable, you need to learn how to convert the base currencies into the quote currencies, and also learn how to convert the quote currencies back to the base currency.

Ensure to adequately research trading positions, political climates, and GDPs of other countries that you are interested in trading with.

Make your first trade.

Once you have decided on the currency you are going to buy, then it is time to make your first order, or make your first trade. Your brokerage firm will provide online trading software that will allow you to place an order when you want to buy or sell a currency.

When you log onto the trading platform, you should only place an order with your broker. The specs will vary from time to time, but this ensures that they receive the profits they deserve. When done, sit back and wait for your broker to handle the rest of the deal.

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These are a few steps on how you can start your Forex business. You will need to keep learning and understanding the business over and over so you can get good at it. The better you are at Forex, the more money you are likely to make.