A shopping addiction can be time-consuming and expensive. It will also lead you into a life of debt because it drains your bank account and eats up all of your savings. The money you spend on a shopping addiction could go to much more useful things.

A shopping addiction is an actual condition. According to research done by the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, it is a condition that exhibits “compulsive spending.” Compulsive shopping and spending can be described as a pattern of repetitive and chronic purchasing that is difficult to stop and ultimately results in extremely harmful consequences.


Sometimes it is known as an impulse control disorder and has similar symptoms to addictive disorders, even though it does not involve the use of intoxicating drugs. When a compulsive shopper is done with their shopping, they mostly feel drained, frustrated, and unhappy. To learn how to help alleviate this condition, continue reading below.

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Sings That You Have A Shopping Addiction

  • Spending money as a result of being angry, scared or disappointed.
  • Spending as a result of chaos in the house or emotional distress.
  • Having arguments with other people about your spending habits and trying to justify yourself.
  • Feeling lost when you do not have access to your credit cards.
  • Buying things using your credit card that cannot be bought with cash.
  • Spending money as a result of euphoria or anxiety.
  • When shopping to you feels like a reckless and forbidden act.
  • Lying to people about how much money you have spent.
  • Thinking about buying things all the time.

How You Can Overcome A Shopping Addiction

If you have realized that you suffer from this condition, it is important that you try and make the right changes as quickly as possible, If your habits continue, before long, you will end up in debt that will be hard to get out of.

Excessive shoppers almost always put their families in financial troubles as they try their darndest to feed their shopping cravings. Here is a list of steps you should take immediately if you are a shopaholic.


Unsubscribe From All Retailer Emails

If you feel a certain rush, whenever a sales email pops up, and this rush causes you to run to the stores to spend your money, then it’s about time that you clicked the “unsubscribe” button. Unsubscribe from all of these emails and try as much as you can to avoid the urge to spend impulsively.

Of course, this means that you quit “cold turkey,” which can be difficult. But once you understand that you are at risk, it is only right that you correct the problem as soon as possible.

Don’t Go To The Mall

If you are trying to be better, do not step foot in the mall. Try not to meet your friends at the cafe at the mall and don't just go there to kill time. This is detrimental to your progress and you may end up right back where you started from. Instead, consider the following activities when the urge to spend money comes.

  • Go for a hike.
  • Get in your car and drive far away from the malls.
  • Attend an event.
  • Visit the museum on free days.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Try out a new hobby.
  • Attend a meeting for shopaholics anonymous.


When you decide to make a change, it is important that you have a look at your closet and take out things you do not need anymore. There are probably some clothes you have never worn, and will probably never wear. Feeling regret and guilt is common during this stage because you are trying to get rid of things you highly value.

However, by getting rid of clothes that you do not need anymore, you have a chance of feeling good about what you choose to leave in your wardrobe. Decluttering also shows you just how serious the problem is. In addition, it teaches you to become more decisive when it comes to choosing your clothes.

You can also make a good amount of money by selling the clothes you no longer need. These funds can be used towards clearing your outstanding debts.

Seek A Change In Environment

When you have a serious problem, you may need to change what you surround yourself with. It could be the friends you keep that are always shopping, the job you have right next to the mall or even your neighborhood if it contributes to your shopping addiction. Remember that you are literally trying to save your life and any decision necessary must be made. Determine the root cause of your shopping addiction and get rid of it.

Understand And Manage Your Triggers

Addictions almost always have triggers. You must recognize what your triggers are, and try as much as possible to manage these triggers.

In most cases, people with these kinds of addictive personalities will feel the need to shop when they are angry, sad, disappointed and rejected. If these are your triggers, you must always know when the desire to shop is about to come and try to manage it accordingly.

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Although a shopping addiction sounds trivial, it should be treated like any other type of addiction such as alcoholism, or drug addiction. It must be handled with care and the seriousness it deserves. Understanding that you have a problem is usually the first step towards healing. You can find a good counselor who can help you through this, or you can join a rehab facility that can help you with your addiction.