Oil can be described as the driving force for the economy. It enables transport and shipping, and powers massive factories. Not to mention it is also necessary to operate your car. Oil companies are the most valuable businesses in the world. If you want to have a slice of the profits from this lucrative industry, there are ways in which you can do this.

First of all, you need to have a portfolio that you can use to invest in this industry. This means infiltrating the investment world, which includes buying stock in oil and gas companies. It could also include investing in energy-focused mutual funds or investing in oil options and futures.


This review will explain these points in great detail, and give you the right procedures to follow when investing in oil. It may necessitate a huge capital investment, but this is an industry that keeps on giving. Chances are that within no time, you will have a good return on your investment.

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Investing In Oil Stocks

In 2016, the prices of oil and gas were actually very low; this was the best time to invest because this is not an industry that stays low for long. You need to go through all of the investments on the stock market and choose a reputable firm that is likely to give good dividends.

Buying stock is effortless and using a brokerage company makes it much easier. Most of the big oil companies are listed on the stock exchange. Your work will be to buy and sell shares without necessarily spending any transaction fees when you have an account.


Always keep your eye on the IPO calendars as most of the big companies tend to have IPOs in order to raise funds. This could be your best opportunity for investing in oil.

Energy-Focused Mutual Funds Or EFTs

EFT stands for exchange-traded funds and these, plus mutual funds, offer you the opportunity to buy a whole basket of investments with only one purchase. There are many funds available for you to choose from in this area, and they can give you exposure to a set of stocks in oil and gas.

Remember, while the stocks keep going up and down, a company’s performance and the expected year-end results will generally give you an idea of whether the company is risky or not.


Trading In Futures And Oil Options

Professional investors and experts usually look for options and futures as a way for you to earn profits in the commodities markets. If you do not know much about futures and options, then you must ensure to have a sit-down and study these types of investment options before you give them a go. This is an extremely risky investment and you must know what you are doing before you venture into it, otherwise, you may end up losing all of your money.

Now, even after understanding this investment opportunity, there is still the risk of losing your investment. Therefore, ensure you are fully aware of all the risks associated with futures and trade oils.

They, however, offer you an excellent direct investment and exposure to oil, and when the prices go up, your investment will also go up. Now, depending on the brokerage firm you use, you will need additional approvals for trading in options. This is not the right investment for beginners. It is perfect for people who already have a significant investment portfolio, and for those who have been in the game for a while.

Invest In MLPs

If you really want to understand how to invest accurately in oil, then this is one of the most direct options there is. MLP stands for Master Limited Partnership, and it is a type of investment entity that is publicly traded on the stock market just like stocks. There are, however, some key differences you need to understand before venturing into it.

MLPs give you tax benefits for private partnerships, which means that you will only pay taxes on distributions. You are, however, only allowed to sell the liquidity of the MLPs to a public company. The investors, in this case, are considered partners although they do not have an active role in the venture.

MLPs are perfect for investors who are looking to make some cash flow from their investment. There are not volatile commodities in most cases, but they do have some unique tax reporting rules which do not necessarily appreciate in value that much. This makes them a niche kind of investment.

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Investing in oil with a little money can be a good place to start on your investment journey. However, when you are starting out it is best to use a brokerage firm to guide you through the process. The above points are the best options for you if you have been wondering how to invest in oil.