What happens when you don’t want to hire a financial advisor? Well, the short answer is that it can be hectic. Especially if you don’t have the money to hire one. Or it may just be because of all the stories you’ve heard of how financial advisors have made other people’s lives harder.

Here’s a thought – why don’t you consider using online software to manage your investments? The particular online software you'll want is known as Robo-advisors.


In case you are wondering, with Robo-advisors, you have to pay for a service depending on your portfolio size.  The charges are around $15 - $200 per month, but the advantage is that you can budget for the whole year as opposed to a human financial advisor. Read on to learn more about this new process.

They Don’t Use Emotions to Invest

Unlike human beings, using Robo-advisors can be advantageous because emotions aren’t involved in investments. With human financial investors, they may use their emotions to invest and hence make a risky investment. 


Robo-investors will always make investments by timing the market, rather than by using emotions as humans would. The right investments will be picked for you, and not much will be moved around if they don’t need to. At times, leaving things as they are is the right move in investing, so you can wait for the market upturn. 

Investments Are Based on High-Quality Portfolios

With most financial advisors, your funds may be focused on singular stocks. They will then charge huge sums that are not best for you. 

Your investor should always ensure that all your investments are in your best interest. With Robo-advisors, you’ll get a high-quality portfolio that’s strategically built for someone like you. 


Automatic Tax Loss Harvesting

There’s no way you can keep up with the bad days and good days in terms of tax-loss harvesting. The rigorous timing and process make it quite impossible to keep up physically. With the Robo-financial advisor strategy, though, you can add a lot in terms of tax savings, as the computer will handle it much better. 

They Are the Future of Investment

Believe it or not, robots are also the future of investment. You may be scared that robots are taking over the world, but when it comes to investment, they really can be a good thing. 

The future looks pretty much automated, and by having investment done by robots, you can get a lead on other investors. If you still haven’t gotten around to the idea of Robo-investors, it is about time you get acquainted with the concept. 


Robo-advisors are coming to the forefront of investing sooner rather than later. If you’re a smart investor and like doing it all on your own, it’s time you get on board.

With Robo-advisors, your portfolio will maintain quality, as they don’t focus on emotion when it comes to investment. The best part about Robo-advisors is that you only pay the service fee, which you pay monthly depending on your portfolio. Get started with one at your earliest convenience!