Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make so protecting it is key and you can do that with TD Home Insurance. Home insurance provides with the peace of mind of knowing that should anything happen to your home, your insurance will cover costs.

TD is a reputable bank in Canada that offers excellent home insurance packages that are designed to help protect you against any form of damage to your home and personal belongings. They offer global limited coverage for incidentals that are related to your claim.


That means that you can get a flexible and single insurance amount that should cover all incidental, rather than the usual separate limits that are common to other insurance companies. There are restrictions on the types of things they'll cover, we've got the details up next.

How To Apply For TD Home Insurance
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What Options Do You Get With TD?

The company offers a wide range of products for its customers, which includes the following.

All risks

They have blanket coverage for your belongings and your home. This is against all losses, except those that are directly mentioned in the inclusions section of your policy.


Personal Liability

They protect you from all types of liabilities such as a visitor getting injured in your home, or if you happen to damage someone’s property accidentally.

Living expenses

They pay a specific amount of your temporary accommodation. This is if you are unable to stay in your home for one reason or the other.

Rebuilding code

They shall cover for the total cost of rebuilding or repairing your home in case it is deemed not up to code by the inspectors.


Water damages

The policy provides a cover for all events that may happen in your home such as in case the sump pump, or backup overflows. Additionally, they cover all types of water damages to your home.

Do They Have Any Special Add-ons?

Yes, you shall be able to customize your TD insurance package with a couple of add-ons that include the following;

Above ground water coverage

You shall get coverage for any above-ground damages that are coursed by water. These may enter into your home through the doors, roof, or windows.

A cash settlement

You can choose to take cash, instead of receiving help to repair or rebuild your home once it has been damaged.

Personal coverage of valuables

If you have some valuable personal properties such as jewelry, and other types of expensive products, they shall be covered.

Theft recovery.

You shall be able to recover your stolen identity and even gain coverage for any costs that shall be associated with identity theft.

What Is Not Included?

As with everything, there are limits. With TD home insurance, some things are excluded from the policy, which means that if they happen, you will not receive compensation.

Natural disasters

The policy does not cover any losses to your home that are a result of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

Neglect of the home

If the losses in your home are as a result of neglect, then the company shall not cover any maintenance or repairs.

Fraudulent loses

If you are planning to defraud the company, and after investigations, you are found out, they will not pay you for that, and you may be liable in a court of law.

How To Apply For TD Home Insurance

If this is the right company for you, then you should go ahead and apply for the policy. Here are the steps you should follow when applying;

  • Log on to the company website and choose the quote you wish to receive.
  • This shall take you to a page that requires you to choose what kind of home you wish to insure.
  • They will then require you to provide some personal information so they can give you a quote on how much you shall pay.
  • They will require your name, proof of address, email, and other relevant documentation.
  • Once you apply, they shall review it before giving a reply.
  • You shall then receive a verified amount that you can negotiate on the terms.

How To Contact TD For Claims

In case of submitting a claim, or you have some questions about the policy, you can contact the company through email, or by phone. They usually have agents who are ready to speak to you and ask all of your questions. Make sure you have all of your personal information and the number of your policy on hand.

You can also log on to the company website to receive more information about the company and most especially their terms and conditions, which you need to understand before you sign on the dotted line.

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Most people do not consider home insurance a necessity until they go through an experience that required that protection. Being safe is better than being sorry later so check out your home insurance options right away. The TD package provides good all-round coverage and might be a good contender for you.