Grocery shoppers, now is the time to start paying attention. Have you been running out of stock in your kitchen shelves? Are you in need of new set utensils for your next cooking venture?

Whatever the case may be, it is best to visit the nearest grocery store to fill-in your missing home essentials. However, before you do, it is important to take note of a few important tips on how to shop wisely and complete your grocery list while still being on a budget.


To give you a clear guide, here are 4 money-saving tips every grocery shopper must know about. We hope they are useful to you.

Tips for grocery shoppers to save money.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry.

Trust us on this. Shopping on an empty stomach can leave you with an empty pocket as well. Since you’re hungry, every food item on the store will look good and enticing. In fact, in a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, it was discovered that shopping while you’re hungry amplifies your desire to acquire things.


“Hunger makes us want to eat, which means that we think about seeking, acquiring, and consuming food,” explained Alison Jing Xu. Xu is an assistant professor of marketing at the Carlson School.

It's is no wonder that many tend to buy more whenever they shop hungry.

Shop with a calculator.

This is a must. In most cases, grocery shoppers are at risk of going over their budgets without a calculator. This will allow you to keep a running total while going through the store. It will also help you carefully evaluate all purchases as you put them in your cart.


What's more? With a calculator, you can easily figure out which product is a better deal. This will help you navigate discounts. It also helps you quickly tell if you were incorrectly charged at checkout.

If it’s on “sale,” so what?

Although products that are on sale are tempting, it’s a big no-no to give in. You'll ruin your savings if you buy stuff for the sake of a sale.

As most of us already know, it’s always better to prioritize the items that are necessary for your day-to-day tasks over those discounted products that won’t be of much use.

Try to ask yourself the necessary questions. Do you need it? Will you be able to survive months without it?

Plan ahead.

Another important tip you must consider is to plan ahead before going to a grocery store. Try to create a comprehensive meal plan for the next 5 days. After doing so, be sure to buy only the items that are included in the menu.

This way, you won’t have to spend extra cash on ingredients and food items that are not needed in your weekly meal plan.


Surely, grocery shopping can be a bit tricky. Especially with all the necessities we need to keep and the many temptations that await us in the aisles.

Fortunately, with these 4 important tips, you can now evade all the unnecessary expenses you are likely to give into. You can also read our financial tips when you are on a tight budget to help you with your monthly expenses.