When that time comes that you have to secure funds from outside, and that time comes, you need to be prepared with strategies.

Whether you want that loan for personal or business use, preparation is essential here. Preparation is critical since you have to convince the lender that not only do you need the amount, you are also able to pay for it.


So, with that, you need to get your affairs in order with some simple moves, like the ones that are outlined below.


Seal All the Cracks

By sealing all the cracks, it simply means ensuring that you leave no stone unturned. Have all your bank statements in order first. Here, you’ll be showing the lender that you have a flow of money.


That will prove to the lender that you can pay the loan in case they offer you the amount. Provide information on all credit and debt you have acquired. You need to know where you stand in terms of credit before going to a lender.

Your credit score will always determine just how much you’re eligible for. It also shows the lender preparation on your part. When showing your debt, you also have to prove that there is a payment plan associated with it. Your lender will also likely want to see your tax returns. This shows commitment to paying off obligations.

Have Your Affairs in Order

In the last sub-title, you learned how preparation is imperative to securing that loan. This strategy, however, is one of the strategies that shows you what you need to get prepared regarding what to have in order.

  • You first of all need to show cash flow to the lender. Being cash-broke can ruin your chances of securing that amount you need.
  • Collateral – the second thing you need to show your lender is the collateral for securing that loan. Assets are quite crucial when it comes to getting loans, so you need to have them in order.
  • Your credit score plays a huge role in determining if you get the loan. If you have poor or no credit, your chances get reduced.
  • Experience – If you’re securing a business loan, you need to show experience in the business. This goes to show the lender that the projected amounts will be paid and on time.

Find the Right Institution

Lastly, you need to source around to find just the right financer for your project. You can be all prepared and have all your affairs in order, but if you don’t find the right institution, it will all be a waste.

Generally, the inclination would be that the right institution is the one with the lowest rate. But, that isn’t always the case all the time. You need to check a couple of things before settling for an institution.

  • Fastest to fund – You will want to get the ball rolling.
  • Lowest payback amount – This is crucial for anyone.
  • Long repayment terms – The longer the payment period, the more peace you have to pay the loan. You don’t want to be in a position where your lender is breathing down your neck all the time.
  • Largest loan size – You aren’t always guaranteed to get the amount you ask for, so go for the one that will give you the largest size.


Getting into lending shape seems to be tedious to most, but it really shouldn’t be. Always ensure that you’re well prepared with these strategies and that you can provide all that is required before approaching that institution. Enough research will show you what is needed, among other things.