Almost everyone understands the struggle during holiday travel. Between the cramped airports, the stuffy trains, the overbooked flights, and even the atrocious prices – it comes as no surprise that traveling during the holidays can take a toll on just about anybody.

While many people dream of staying at home, it can’t be helped to do holiday travel, especially during Christmas and the New Year, which have become social obligations of sorts. Families and friends visit one another in the hopes of spending precious time with each other.


Whether holiday travel has become part of your annual tradition or you simply want to take a breather, knowing the common mistakes made by fellow travelers will help you avoid incurring more expenses. Read on to find out the mistakes you should heed.

Holiday Travel Mistakes

Touring Without Travel Insurance

Delayed flights, canceled trips, bad weather, and accidents can all happen unexpectedly during your trip. Those who fail to avail travel insurance are often left with shouldering all the expenses, thus leaving a big dent in their pockets.


To prevent these situations from affecting your emergency fund or your life savings, consider getting travel insurance the next time you fly out of the country. Insurers will reimburse you for your trouble, especially those that concern flight rebooking and/or cancellations, as well as health-related accidents that happen during your trip. Seeing as you can get all this coverage for as low as $20 per trip, you can certainly shell out some extra bucks for your peace of mind.

Booking Flights at the Last Minute

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are just some of the biggest holidays of the year. If you’re planning to go home or go on a vacation to another city, booking at the last minute will greet you with sky-high prices. Since these are prime vacation days, chances are, you’re paying for higher tickets primarily because of the barrage of people clamoring to get their seats.

To save you from paying extra bucks, purchasing tickets well in advance will allow you to score cheaper airline tickets that don’t cost an arm and leg. Seat sales and discounts are posted in advance online, so during this time of the year, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for good deals. You can check out handy tools online that let you track flight price trends, destinations, activities to try, and where you can book a hotel.


Arriving Late at Airports

No matter how much time you think you have, you’ll never be prepared for the throngs of people you’ll come across during the holidays. From the highways to the small streets, these may be congested due to the number of shoppers and individuals rushing to get to their destination.

Arriving late at airports means risking missing your flight, thereby costing you additional expenses should you decide to book another flight. The thing is, you might not be as lucky to get another seat, risking missing your holiday altogether. Make sure you allow a few extra hours on your travel to the airport to make sure you have an allowance in case you get stuck in traffic. You can't afford to miss your flight during holiday travel.


Spare yourself from having to deal with all of these problems. With the help of this nifty guideline, you can now avoid these costly mistakes and save some money in the long run. In a time where traveling from one location to another is seen as a luxury, take note of these mistakes to inspire you to travel smart and save when and where you can. Plan ahead so you will have a stress-free holiday with your loved ones.